Super Spidey – A Grand Homecoming!

Disclaimer: The following blog contains spoilers. Hence, if you haven’t watched the movie till now, (seriously, what’s wrong with you? You call yourself a Marvel fan?) don’t read any further!

It took 15 years since the first movie for Peter Parker to be born again. 2002 was when the world was first introduced to a ‘friendly neighborhood’ character called the Spiderman. That Spiderman – Tobey Maguire – stuck around for 5 years until the world grew tired of him.

Five more years passed before the Marvel fans got a taste of another Spiderman franchise. This time it boasted the disastrous likes of Andrew Garfield. For those unfamiliar with his work, remember Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network? Yes, that’s him. Quite a character shift, isn’t it?

Two more years of Garfield and we were sick of him as well. Or maybe no one could digest the fact that good ‘ol Spidey, with all his flamboyant superpowers in the world, couldn’t stop Gwen Stacy from touching that pavement. A second too late perhaps? A second that made the difference and ended the whole franchise? Maybe!

Finally, a year later, came the delightful news. February 2015 saw Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios announcing a licensing deal that would allow Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It would all begin with Spidey appearing in the third Captain America movie – Civil War – and what an appearance it was.

One thing that the Marvel Cinematic Universe can take pride in is how meticulous and well-planned the character introductions are in its movies – something that DC can never match. From the divine introduction of the Black Widow in Iron Man 2 to the pristine way Clint Barton made his debut in Thor, all was planned perfectly by keeping in mind the future movies and their explicit implications.


Spidey probably didn’t steal the show in Civil War. But he came in a close second. Let’s just say that he rocked a boat that needed some rocking at a time it was sailing smooth in sedate waters. After all, that was Marvel’s way of telling the world that he had arrived. Iron Man and Black Widow teased him in beautifully. And if that wasn’t enough, the end credits scene, and the song that went it, gave everyone goosebumps!

Over to Spider-Man Homecoming. What worked for me well in the movie was that Marvel didn’t waste time in introducing Peter Parker’s character (yet again) to its “loyals”. They started off where they left in Civil War. There was no ‘radioactive-spider-biting-poor-peter’ ordeal that gave company to the whole Uncle Ben being shot emotional drama. The movie was plain and simple Spider-Man. Even Aunt May pulled off the cool, hot, sexy chic look. Marvel changed the game and what a change it was. Marisa Tomei smoked it as May Parker – A quintessential move that drew people in with positive disruption.

Moving forward, even though the movie started out giving an impression of being slow, the jibes and hidden messages in it kept every true superhero (Marvel and DC) fan at the edge is his/her seat. From taunting DC by telling a guy named “Flash Thompson” that he isn’t right just because he is fast, to recreating (well, almost) that iconic upside down inverted kiss between Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. This is probably one of the best movies the MCU has created in terms of the Easter Eggs that it contains within it.

If that wasn’t enough, want to hear more? Well, remember Karen? That artificial intelligence voice that Tony Stark created for Spider-Man’s suit? Turns out that voice is Jennifer Connelly’s. The same Jennifer Connelly who played the role of Hulk’s girlfriend in the 2003 film Hulk (Not the MCU one though). And the same Jennifer Connelly, who in real life, is married to Paul Bettany. The same Paul Bettany who gives the voice for J.A.R.V.I.S and is Vision in reel life. Mind blown?


One might say that the movie could have used more appearances from Robert Downey Jr. than what is shown; however, Chris Evans makes up for that loss by making regular cameos in the movie as idol and role model Captain America that everyone looks up to and wants to be like. He even made it too the infamous end-credits scene. Was a little disappointed on that by the way. Let’s be honest, we all were.

Another major buzz kill in the movie is the scene where Iron Man and Spider-Man talk after saving the Staten Island Ferry. It’s the scene where Tony wants Peter to be better and tells him that he doesn’t deserve the suit if he is nothing without it. Hmm. Shades of the first Avengers movie anyone?

Captain America: “Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off and what are you?

Iron Man: “Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist.”

Don’t get me wrong. I loved that scene. That scene was probably one of the best is the movie (well that and the scene where Pepper Potts returns. GASP! WHAT?). But what ruined the Tony-Peter scene was the build up to it. Nothing wrong in the filming of the same. It’s just that I knew that the scene was coming before the scene was coming. Dammit those trailers! They revealed too much before the movie itself.

Tony does have a habit being authoritative and taking things from people. He took Spider-Man’s suit from him and he also took Captain America’s shield in Civil War. Well, ok technically Cap left it with Tony after their colossal battle. But another interesting aspect in the Spider-Man movie is the 2-second teaser that Iron Man is making a new shield for Captain America and a new belt for Thor. Is a truce already in place between Captain America and Iron Man? Maybe. Maybe not. Man, Avengers Infinity War can’t come sooner enough.

All in all, Spider-Man Homecoming is a major success for sure. It does get ridiculously boring at times when the mind indeed tells you to change the channel. But Tom Holland’s lovable persona mixed with some witty Tony Stark cameos and those mind-boggling tidbits make the movie a ticking triumph.

Welcome home, Spidey! Welcome home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe where everything, and I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G, has a hidden meaning!


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