The ‘Bolt’ that lived on!

Usain Bolt did not finish his last ever race. He did not have to. He’s still out there. Running. His race will never be over. His race will never finish. He’s not out. He’s still running. Running into history. Running for what’s right. Running into our hearts!

What Happens to those Old Wimbledon Balls?

So, what exactly does happen to those balls used at Wimbledon? Ever wondered? Just in case you’re confused as to what “balls” I’m taking about, you’ll might be surprised to know that during a typical match at Wimbledon the tennis balls are changed after the conclusion of every ninth game. On an average, around 54,000…

Super Spidey – A Grand Homecoming!

All in all, Spiderman Homecoming is a major success for sure. It does get ridiculously boring at times when the mind indeed tells you to change the channel. But Tom Holland’s lovable persona mixed with some witty Tony Stark cameos and those mind-boggling tidbits make the movie a ticking triumph.

Welcome home, Spidey! Welcome home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe where everything, and I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G, has a hidden meaning!

R for Roger Federer, R for Redemption!

It was pitted as the greatest Grand Slam match of all time. It was built as the greatest Grand Slam final of all time. They even said it had the talent, history, and persona to be the greatest match in history.

‘Bored’ Meetings!

Here’s the thing about corporate meetings. They can be informative, they can be really cumbersome, they can help change the world and make the country a better place, and they can be downright boring as hell.